Thanksgiving side dishes









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Have you been asked to bring a side dish, dessert or cocktail? Want to bring something a little different than years before?

Thanksgiving side dishes
Thanksgiving side dishes
Thanksgiving side dishes
Thanksgiving Cocktail, Martini
Thanksgiving side dishes, desserts
Thanksgiving side dishes
Oyster Kimchi Dressing, Thanksgiving Side Dishes

A Fresh Take on Holiday Parties

Not only is it the time of year for Santa visits, Christmas shopping and family gatherings but also for holiday parties with friends. This year, why not choose a fun theme for your holiday party?


You could do the usual "white elephant" gift swap, or hold an ugly sweater competition, but that's so last year - why not brainstorm a few new ideas?

NOTE: Instead of a gift exchange, perhaps ask guests to bring a toy or canned food that can be donated to a shelter or to Toys for Tots. 


Those Classic Holiday Movies

How about designing your party around a favorite Christmas movie? May How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story or A Charlie Brown Christmas? Choose a film that means a lot to you and your crew. Is it something you all grew up on? Or a current favorite?


Be sure to let guests know ahead of time so they can create the costume or have enought time to have one ordered and shippped. If you are sending Evites or emails, offer a link to an online trailer in your invitation for guests who may not have seen the movie. Plan decorations, food and beverages to go with your movie theme. Get the movie soundtrack to play during your party (or at least play while you are greeting the guests to get everyone in the spirit).

Small Screen Inspiration

Along the same lines, a TV show theme could be fun.  Pick a show that you and your family or friends grew up with or that's an obsession, a guilty pleasure or even a current fad show you all love to hate! Encourage guests to dress the part and create a trivia game based on the show, with prizes (even white elephant prizes) for the best-informed partygoers.


For entertainment, rent a projector to play episodes on a big screen or on the wall.


Take a "Journey"

Choose a place - city, state or country - to be the "locale" for your party. Let the food, drinks and music you play be inspired by the location that's meaningful to you. Your hometown, where you went to college, your first overseas trip or honeymoon location would be good choices. Serve foods from the location you have in mind, whether homemade or purchased.

Have fun and get creative with your ideas for the decor, music and entertainment - Enjoy Life During the Holidays!