According to the National Retail Federation, 41.4 million people shopped exclusively online from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday in 2018. As the holidays approach, online shopping will continue to grow in popularity, helping families spend more time celebrating the season and less time struggling through long disorganized lines, fighting massive crowds of frantic shoppers, and worrying about whether that must-have gift will still be on shelves at the mall.

While online shopping offers up a convenient way to purchase holiday gifts, many consumers are concerned about their delivered packages going missing. Ensuring your online holiday purchases are securely delivered can make your cyber shopping experience even more rewarding and stress free. Here are five tips that will keep your packages safe and your holidays happy.


Deliveries to your garage with Key by Amazon

Online retailers such as Amazon serve as a popular holiday shopping destination. This season you can get your Prime packages delivered safely and securely right in your garage with Key by Amazon in-garage delivery. Amazon recently launched the new service to provide Prime members in 50 cities and surrounding areas with the option to select in-garage delivery at checkout. All you need is a myQ-connected garage door opener linked to the Key App to have packages delivered directly into your garage for no extra charge. The myQ technology can be added to all leading brands of garage door openers in minutes.


Give specific delivery instructions

Most delivery services allow customers to set instructions. Ask your mail carrier to knock or ring the doorbell so that you are immediately alerted when a package arrives at your door. If snow, rain or any other weather issue is a concern, consider requesting that you mail carrier drop off packages in an out-of-sight dry spot. Get creative with these drop-off locations and use other delivery points such as back porches, patios and exterior basement stairs.


Sign up for delivery alerts

Major mail carriers and delivery services have systems for tracking packages. You can use tracking numbers to determine where an item is, and when it should be delivered. Check with your delivery provider to see if you can sign up for alerts via email or text message for when your package is shipped, out for delivery and delivered.


Team up with a neighbor

Work with a trustworthy neighbor to mutually look after each other's packages. If a neighbor is home during an anticipated delivery, ask permission to have packages sent to their address or have them hold deliveries that come to your front door. Return the favor whenever possible, and bake a holiday treat or give a small thank-you gift to show your appreciation.


Request a signature

If you are ordering expensive items online, it is a smart idea to require a signature for delivery. By requesting a signature before a package is released, you can ensure that your online purchases are never left unattended. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the mail carrier will typically leave a note with options for rescheduling the delivery for a more convenient time or picking the package up in-person.


Holiday shopping is already stressful. Give yourself the gift of peace by trying out some of these package delivery tips, and spend more time enjoying the moments that matter.

Gift Ideas for All

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Weighted Blanket $167

Heated Socks $85

Meccaniche Veneziane Watch $460

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Ponytail Holder $13

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Ladies Soft Natori Robe $140

Bose 360 Bluetooth Speaker $239

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Concert tickets

A beautiful ring, bracelet or necklace

Air bnb Gift Card

BlueSky Art $30 and up for prints, $70 and up for framed art

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LL Bean Boots for her, $139