Men's Fashion

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Winter is Just Around the Corner....
At its absolute core, men'€™s winter fashion is totally simple: don'™t freeze to death and still have style.

So many accessories are timeless, have no season and are worth a little extra expense for the discerning gentleman.  Men have accentuated their looks with certain embellishments for years. The idea behind it is to not only differentiate themselves from the next guy but to add that style, and panache to make them stand out in a crowd.  Recently, trends have shown that global sales growth for men outstrip those of women when it comes to the fashion industry. The Internet has made it increasingly convenient to keep up with the latest trends or the hottest designer.


Because top men’s magazines may show great ensembles, remember, not all looks will work for every man. Be mindful of your style and personality. Choice pieces that work to lift your work suit or weekend attire while allowing you to eschew from a basic look.  

Accessories send a message that men put some thought into their outfit of the day. These will help you highlight your daily look while maintaining a definite authenticity about who you are. Most importantly, they form the foundation of any classic look for a true gentleman. Remember, the devil is in the details!


A Statement Watch

Have you every looked at a photo                              of yourself from years ago and thought to yourself, “What was I  thinking?  I cannot believe I was                               wearing a  watch.”  Of course not - watches are a timeless accessory. A watch will speak for itself.  It is                                  the piece that completes any and every look. From a classic leather strap to a president bracelet, a chronograph to an automatic dial, a good watch is an investment.  If it is decided to purchase one of the watches considered by many to be the “elite” timepiece, it can passed down through generations. Although, there are many quality and statement watches that do not cost thousands but also have the same look for complimenting the outfit. So it is crucial that you spend on a watch you truly see yourself wearing and loving.


A Pair of Sunglasses

While a pair of sunglasses helps protect against the sun, it is an item that can make or break your look. Don’t worry so much about what the label says or the fashion guru states is the latest trend. Find a stylish pair of sunglasses that                                      compliments your face. Classic and timeless frame colors are black, brown and tortoise. Whether you                                       choose the wayfarer, the aviator, round frames or oval, most importantly make sure they suit your face                                      and style.  Just like you should choose the right types of clothing for your body type and the right haircut for your head shape, it’s important to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape.


A Leather Belt

Nothing is bolder than a leather belt. A good belt can be a timeless item in your wardrobe, so it’s                                              best to stick to the minimalist approach when buying one. Go for solid colors like black or brown                     and try matching them with your shoes whenever possible. This is one accessory not to skimp on. Buy                                      something sleek with a subtle buckle for the classic look and feel. For weekends, try a little wider or a unique buckle but stick to the high quality leather belt. A less expensive or faux leather belt can instantly weaken the overall look of the attire you have spent time pulling together.


A Collection of Ties

So a Windsor  man- maybe a half Windsor or bow tie?                                            A tie has the power to give you that

self-assured  debonair  appeal  of  sophistication.                                                        When investing in ties, be mindful of its proportions, stitching, and the fabric.   Whether it’s                                                 silk or wool, choose one that adds character to your look.  Last but not least, the tie  knot makes all the difference in the world. Here is a link to many different ways to finish your look with tie knots.


Pocket squares

A pocket square will add color and compliment a tie for a small investment.  It exudes just the right
balance between confidence and pomp. The etiquette of a blazer is defined by how stylishly a little
piece of cloth rests on it. While there are several ways to fold a pocket square, here you will find the



Cufflinks are the functional  accessory  to finish  off a look with a grace                                         unparalleled by any other item in a man’s wardrobe. They demand  signals  of culture, refinement and                                        grace. While they may come in many different styles and designs,  rest assured, you can never go wrong                                    with sterling silver cufflinks when it comes to expressing yourself.


A Scarf

This is an accessory                                    which can be worn by most any man seeking to add a subtle or more colorful spark to their wardrobe.                                       While many can be easily purchased for under $100 and look great, some may want to  consider  the                                             quality solid color cashmere scarf. Again, it will be a timeless accessory. Scarves can be worn daily with                                       everyday wear or suits and overcoats.  Perhaps even spruce up formal attire with a scarf. It can be the touch of color that makes the standard formal wear pop.



Don’t be afraid to have a drawer full of everything from                                         colorful to gray and white stripped socks.  While it is an understated item, socks can be the one                                               accessory to truly speak to your personality when  appropriate.  Surely, no  one  will  wear Harley                                                    Davidson socks or Santa elf socks with a tux but don’t shy away from color and design with casual                                             and daily work (suit) wear. While most men may stick to the basic black and blue, the truly stylish man will spare a thought or two before choosing the right pair for the occasion.


A piece of Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can set you apart but hopefully it is because of the style and uniqueness,                                                          not because it is overstated. Keep it simple. Maybe it is a simple but mixed metal band or                                                                 a leather bracelet for weekend play, either are great statements of personality. Don’t be                                                             afraid the wear jewelry. It’s not just for girls anymore.


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